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Our New Album 

Our Labour of Love. 

It's taken a while, but we've finally got some new music for y'all

Nine new Tracks.  A bit of disco blues, some funk, 

a bit of Rock n Roll, Rockabilly and our first ballad.

$30.00 via Australia Post.

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This is it folks, our first album.  8 of our own toons with a couple of extra's thrown in for fun. Buy the C.D. and we will give you the digital files FOR FREE. 

I dont wanna be your Lover, Baby....


Ten tracks for Ten Bucks!!! Cant beat it. And if you buy the CD we give you the digital for FREE... Yes indeedy do!!!


This is us, with Ben on Drums. Mic played a handful of acoustics, Maton, Takamine and The Raven. Cory employed his acoustic bass for a lot of it, and his 5 string for the rest! Boof played Harp in the bathroom, the laundry and sitting in the arm chair. Anthony Hicks gave us a hand, Ben did the engineering and Cory Produced it. We will sell you one at a gig, or you can order online, here: 

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Its the way you walk...Gait


Not exactly where it all began, but.... Kangaroo Court was Mic & Boof's first band with Barfly's legend Vic Holder. Some of the original versions of a couple of The Chairmen's songs are here, along with some mid ninties rock, country, ballads, and boogie.


A limited stock is available both online at gigs.


You can order here; 

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