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The Band

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The Rockin Chairmen had their beginnings around 1984 when Boof Power, and Mic Bradshaw, were on the drag shift at the Adelaide printing plant they both worked at.


Amid the rhythmic pulse of the presses Mic heard Boof wailing away on his harmonica and the two struck up a musical friendship which ended up with the two partying and jamming after hours.


At this stage Bradshaw was assembling what would become Kangaroo Court, and 5 piece original rock outfit, with Kym Spurway on drums, Lyndon Stidiford on bass and eventually Vic Holder on guitar. Although he was hesitant, Power took on the role of part time lead singer and harp player.

This line up lasted about 9 months, playing pubs like the Alma, The Tivoli, Producers and self-promoted gigs around Adelaide. 


The band released one long play recording the eponymous “Kangaroo Court” in 1985.   Self-produced and distributed the album sold out but the band broke up before recording again.


Twelve years later they would reform to record ‘97’s “Gait” which also sold well although the band never played live.

Holder and Power went on to form the hugely successful The Barflys while Bradshaw pursued his career as a film maker, making all the Barfly’s video clips, while he also played solo and in various bands such as old No7, Brick, The Stone Crows, Fair Warning and the Deadbeats.


Around 2012 Boof & Mic set out to reestablish their singing and songwriting.  Through ’13 and ’14 they bunkered down at Power’s country manor and reworked the songs they had written all those years ago, eventually writing new material and even learning a few classic covers.


This resulted in the 2016 release, "Slave" which started life as a demo, and ended up selling out when we released it. We've sinced re released it, with a couple of additional tracks.

Since then, after heaps of gigs,  a revolving door of drummers, covid lockdown, and the ravages of time, we found  our "forever drummer" Jim Bonney. Great drummer with a beautiful voice, Jim is also a songwriter and brings a touch of class to The Chairmen.

While they have been concentrating on recording, The Chairmen are still out there, playing everywhere from big stages, to front bars, playing new and old tunes, having a laugh and getting you up for a dance.

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